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Today’s Multidimensional lifestyle leaves a substantial segment of our teenage population who simply don’t “fit the mold” of the broad spectrum of Yeshivos. These are not boys with serious academic deficiencies, emotional issues, or yiddeshkeit challenges. Rather these are quality bochurim with considerable strengths and talents, and an untapped wellspring of potential, which often remain undeveloped in standard yeshivos. As our world becomes an ever more fast paced society the need to reach these children is dramatically increasing. With the stigma attached to any variance of the standard yeshiva mold, the minor changes in our chinuch system are failing to address this challenge. This is where MESIVTA SHAAREI ADIRIM comes in.



The Torah assures us that with the proper conditions there is an effective chinuch approach for every child. MESIVTA SHAAREI ADIRIM follows this ideal. Using a multidimensional approach to motivate growth and cultivate success for each individual child. Tapping into each individual’s unique potential, to help them grow into a well-adjusted adult, and a productive member of society and Klal Yisroel.



MESIVTA SHAAREI ADIRIM aims to imbue it’s students with self-confidence, motivation, perseverance, and responsibility, so that they may shine in their own individual way, and be inspired to succeed in all facets of their lives. We seek to guide, nurture, and train our students through real life training and scenarios, and we look to challenge them to develop the skills they will need as adults.


MESIVTA SHAAREI ADIRIM is modeled after, and is the Midwest Affiliate of the highly successful MESIVTA SHAAREI ARAZIM located in Monsey NY. With a 17 year track record of proven success Shaarei Arazim has earned a stellar reputation  for achieving these ideals. Operating under the auspices of Shaarei Arazim we strive to emulate these accomplishments.

Rabbi Mordechai Elbaum

Rosh Hamesivta

Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchak Ausband

Rosh Hayeshiva

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